The marriageof opportunity andrisk reduction


We support investors in unlocking the potential of untapped markets by prioritizing risk mitigation, innovative partnerships, company mentoring, and insightful collaboration.


We collaborate with growth-driven companies ready for expansion, connecting them with investors who can fuel progress, uncover new opportunities, and enable their growth journey.

A full suite of services
what we offer

With firsthand experience in launching companies across Silicon Valley and Europe, Nucesss tailors your proposition for those seeking initial major funding or preparing for product and market expansion.


Aligning your company’s growth trajectory with industry expectations through strategy, research, and narrative.


Long-term strategies include value creation, competitive advantage, and growth initiatives through resource allocation and business expansion.

Mentoring/ Coaching

Mentoring companies to articulate their vision and growth in a practical, achievable, and feasible manner that investors can trust and support.


Finding investor connections in new markets is challenging but made easier with a streamlined strategy and our established network.

We focus on the emerging markets ofSE Europe

… an area we see as having immense growth and potential as well as a very high standard for new innovative products, exciting technology and first-class development.

The European Union (EU) has long set its sights on making CSE Europe an increasingly attractive destination for foreign investors.

We provide a unique combination of capital knowledge and startup experience. Our team is well-versed in the markets of South East Europe and has an understanding of both local ambitions and international standards.

A Focus on Women Lead companies
By investing in women-led businesses, we are helping to build a more diverse, inclusive, and innovative business ecosystem.
At our firm, we are committed to working with women-led companies from the very beginning of their journey. We recognize the unique challenges faced by female entrepreneurs and are dedicated to developing a comprehensive understanding of their business and growth potential from inception to investment.